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The primary mission of the computer lab is to enhance the library science curriculum with the latest computer technology and programs. In order that the community of students and faculty have a successful computing experience, users are asked to follow the guidelines in the Computer Lab Agreement.



The  Department of Library and Information Science lab in Columbus School of Law Room 318 and Information Commons Room 315 are open and staffed for students and faculty during the following hours: 

Monday 9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM - 5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 3 PM
Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM
Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

For other times, email
The Info Commons, Room 315, is available to reserve before and after regular hours and on weekends. Consult the calendar and let us know your time slot.


Students may use the general computing lab in Leahy 117 24/7 but these computers do not have library science software on them.



 The Lab staff is located in the Information Commons - Room 315 in the Columbus School of Law



Call the Lab Staff:

Tel-202-319-6129 or 202-319-5085
Email the Lab Staff: cua-slislab[@]
Submit a Reservation:  Computer Lab Columbus School of Law Room 318 for classroom reservation email labstaff at: cua-slislab[@]



All lab locations are available for student use except when reserved for classes: 
Lab Room 318 Columbus School of Law Reservation Calendar 

 Student computers in Information Commons

The Information Commons is a place that brings bring together students,  expertise, and technology in an enriched environment promoting collaboration and innovation in support of learning, teaching, and research. 

Information Commons Laptops

New student orientation, colloquia and special guest speakers are held in this location.  Students frequently convene here for group project work.

Media Lab

Located in the Information Commons, the Media Lab supports faculty and students' multi-media projects. Staff can assist you with multi-media hardware, software testing or editing video.  Reservations should be made ahead of time.  Contact for availability and reservations.

Technology Resource Sandbox

LIS students may independently try out software, experiment with assistive technology in preparation for helping users in a professional seating, or experiment with a Kindle e-book reader.  The lab staff may also assist students and faculty in exploring these resources. 

Technology Inventory
Do you need specific software or hardware? Search the Technology Inventory to find out what best serves your needs.