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Computer Labs Agreement

Library and Information Science has upgraded and refurbished the computer labs with Gateway Pentium computers. In order that the community of faculty and students can take maximum advantage of these new resources, I agree to the following:

  • I will not eat or drink in the labs.
  • I will not alter system settings or preferences on the computers. 
  • I will not permit others to use my password and computer account. I will abide by the provisions of the CUA "Statement of Ethics in the Use of Computers," as published in the "Computer Center Users' Guide."
  • I understand that items saved on the hard drive will be deleted each night. I will save my work to discs or the "M" drive on the NT server.
  • I will use the multimedia lab for assignments requiring the special web authoring and imaging applications and will use the sign-up sheets in the lab or on the web site at:
  • I understand that Class assignments will take priority over email or games.
  • I agree to conserve printing resources by printing only what is necessary.
  • I will ask for help if I am having problems.

I have read this agreement and I understand and accept the terms.


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Computer Lab User Agreement