The Catholic University of America

Information Commons

Dept. of Library and Information Science
Columbus School of Law Room 315

The Information Commons brings together students, information, expertise, and technology in an enriched environment promoting collaboration and innovation in support of learning, teaching, and research.

Some of the facilities uses--

  • Informal gathering place for students
  • Colloquia presentations
  • Usability testing lab
  • Work space for group projects
  • Student meetings for professional organizations
  • A place for helpful assistance with technology projects


Information Commons Information Commons Podium

Present Capabilities

  • Access to LIS Technology Inventory
  • Presentation space with networking and video projection
    for groups up to 40
  • Tables and chairs for informal small group meetings and individual study
  • WiFi wireless network coverage for laptops
  • Video signage production and maintenance

Usage Policy
The Information Commons is available for informal conversations and individual study when not scheduled for formal programs. Scheduling of all or part of the facilities for formal programs and events, and requests to open at other times, are coordinated by Library and Information Science.

Requests to schedule use of the Information Commons should be emailed to: cua-slislab[at]

Library Science Information Commons Reservation 

The Information Commons, Room 315 in the Columbus School of Law, has special multimedia applications and hardware not available in the LIS Computer Lab (room 318), such as video filming and editing, a speaker podium with projection and an area for an audience, Visx screens and several Macs. Usage of these resources to students and faculty who need this special hardware and programs. You may contact us ( to request to reserve a block of time.


Check the Information Commons calendar for availability. Any time the room is not reserved, students are welcome to drop in without a reservation during open hours.

For further information contact lab staff at or 202-319-6129 or 202-319-5085.

The Information Commons is opened and staffed by LIS lab staff assistants. Specialized computer software resources are available, as well as areas for group work and individual study.