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Technology Expectations for LIS Students, established by the LIS Technology Committee
Approved May 15, 2017.

Successful progress through the Master's program requires competencies in basic computer skills and programs, such as navigating the Internet, accessing library resources and services, and using office applications. This list specifies basic technology requirements to aid prospective and current students inassessing their skills and abilities.

CUA and LIS also offer computer lab facilities for students. The LIS Computer Lab is located in Room 318 of the Columbus School of Law building and the Information Commons is located in Room 315. LIS students can check out laptop computers from the LIS Media Lab staff.

General Computing

1. General Computing Skills

  • File management and version control
  • Safe computer practices (e.g., password protection, management of cookies)
  • Application-specific (e.g. Word, PDF) and interchange (e.g., ASCII, RTF) file formats
  • Backup options (e.g. external or cloud storage)
  • Web navigation

2. Common Productivity Applications

  • A word processor (e.g., MS Word)
  • A graphics editor (e.g., Paint, Paintbrush)
  • A presentation application (e.g., MS PowerPoint, Prezi)
  • A spreadsheet (e.g., MS Excel)

Learning and Research Online

  1. Find and enroll in classes on Cardinal Students
  2. Use CUA Libraries systems and databases to locate books and journal articles
  3. Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS)
  4. Online Learning Environments
  • Know how to install programs to participate in video conferences and webinars
  • Participate in web-based discussion forums

Collaboration via Google Education Platform

  • Gmail (Cardinal Mail)
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Calendars
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Groups


Tutorial Resources

• CUA Credentials:
• Google Education Platform:
• Blackboard:
• Cardinal Students:
• Adobe Connect Pro:
• Panopto:
• Computer Security and Privacy Tips:
• MS Word 2013 Tutorial,
• MS PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial,
• MS Excel 2013 Tutorial,
• MS Visio 2013 Tutorial,


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