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LIS Technology Acquisitions Request Form

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Name of Instructor:
Date needed:

1. Short Title of recommended technology:

2. In which courses do you intend to use the technology?

3. Please list other courses for which the technology might be useful

4. Briefly describe the intended use and importance of the technology for the LIS/HIT program.

5. Please provide a full title and description to assist with ordering.

6. Other info if known

Cost Per Unit:
Memory Requirement:
How many units of the technology are needed?
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7. Identify any reviews which might assist in evaluating the software (URL or citations).

8. Describe the level of difficulty of administering the technology and the amount of training that will be required to use it.

9. Please indicate any special circumstances concerning this request (such as whether it is needed on a short timeline or is critical to the success of the course.)