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2010 SLIS Symposium

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January 29, 2010
Pryzbyla Center
Catholic University of America

1:45 - 3:00 pm Afternoon Breakout

Great Room A-Session #3
Great Room C-Session #4
 Great Room A-Session #3 Moderator:
Dr. Joan Lussky
Catholic University of America
Directions in Web Search Interfaces – Enhancing visualization and interaction to support exploratory searchPowerPoint presentation Dr. Bill Kules, Catholic University of America
Finding Images in an OPAC: Analysis of User Queries, Subject Headings, and Description NotesAdobe Portable Data File (PDF) Dr. Youngok Choi and Dr. Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Catholic University of America
The Effect of Training and Online Help on Searcher Gaze Behavior in a Faceted Library Catalog Search Interface: Preliminary FindingsPowerPoint presentation Dr. Bill Kules, Matt Banta, and Abbey Gerken, Catholic University of America
What do LIS Programs Expect Their Incoming Students to Know About Technology?PowerPoint presentation Dr. Bill Kules and Jennifer McDaniel, Catholic University of America
Great Room C-Session #4
Professor David Shumaker
Catholic University of America
Models of Embedded LibrarianshipAdobe Portable Data File (PDF) David Shumaker, Catholic University of America, and Mary Talley, Consultant
Developing Library Management Competencies through an Experiential ExerciseAdobe Portable Data File (PDF) Blane Dessy, United States Department of Justice, and Rajeeni Galloway & Michelle Polchow, Catholic University of America
Government 2.0 and the Competitive Intelligence ProfessionalAdobe Portable Data File (PDF) Kim Lyall, NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
Perry's Stages of Student Development for Information Literacy InstructorsAdobe Portable Data File (PDF) Catherine Johnson and Thomas Arendall, University of Baltimore






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Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center
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