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Letter to Prospective Students

Welcome to the Library and Information Science program! We offer master’s degrees in Library Science and in Health Information Technology to prepare you to collect, organize, provide access to, analyze, preserve, and manage information and technology in support of the information needs of various users. The knowledge and skills you will obtain from these programs will prepare you to overcome information management challenges in the 21st century. Located in the capital of the nation, we are well connected to libraries, archives, museums, hospitals, and many information centers in the Washington Metropolitan area. You will have the opportunity to enrich your learning and career preparation by doing practicums in various information-intensive environments.



Our Programs

Master of Science in Library Science (MSLIS)

In today's information intensive society, the demand for professionals with the ability to manage information and help people navigate the changing information environment is very high. Our dynamic graduates assist users and organizations in finding information, making sense of information, and using information to support decision making. The roles of information professionals are expanding and becoming more stimulating and rewarding than ever.

Our program offers ten courses of study that allows students to concentrate on.

Graduates of the MSLIS program might find themselves employed in traditional library settings such as academic, K-12 school libraries or special libraries serving government agencies, corporate businesses, non-profits, or organizations that make intensive use of information, such as think tanks. They may work as reference librarians, information architects, managers of information systems, and digital librarians. Our alumni are found in the Library of Congress, in law firms and various other agencies and libraries in the D.C. area, around the country and internationally.


Master of Science in Information Science with a concentration in Health Information Technology (MSIT-HIT) (not currently accepting applicants)

The field of Health Information Technology is one of the fastest growing in the country, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting 20% growth through 2018. MSIT-HIT program was launched in 2010 with a grant from the United States Department of Labor. This degree provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and manage the information systems that support patient care and research and thereby play an important role in a number of healthcare settings.

Post-Masters Study

Students may enroll in our post-master's program to take selected courses or pursue a certificate. Whether you need to take a course for employment advancement reasons, or to stay on top of this ever-changing field, Catholic can help.

Catholic University's Advantage

Faculty: Our attentive and accessible full-time faculty are complemented by part time instructors drawn from leaders in the fields of LIS and HIT in the Washington, DC area. They are experienced educators and practitioners whose expertise covers the information field. Visit the faculty directory or the course catalog for faculty research and courses offered.

Location: Our location in the nation’s capital offers students unique opportunities for learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Flexibility: We pride ourselves on a student focused program with predominantly evening classes for working professionals as well as the option to pursue your degree with a combination of online learning and monthly Saturday classes.

Diversity: The student body and faculty at LIS represent diverse backgrounds and interests.

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