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LIS Technology Acquisitions Request Policy

Adopted by LIS Technology Committee 12/14/2007

The goal of this policy is to coordinate the acquisition of technology resources for LIS, help the Technology Committee maintain awareness of faculty, staff and student technology needs, and streamline purchases that do not need Technology Committee review or input. Technology resources include hardware, software and other subscriptions or services (e.g. SurveyMonkey).

The policy:

Technology acquisition requests will be initiated via a web-based form and directed to either the Dean or the Technology Committee according to the guidelines below. Requests will be made via a web form available on the LIS web site.

Dean requests - Requests should be routed directly to the Dean when the requests are:
• Low cost (less than $500);
• Previously approved by the Technology Committee; or
• Specialized, individual research needs

Technology Committee requests - Requests should be routed to the Technology Committee when the requests are:
• More than $500;
• Hardware, software or technology services for LIS courses; or
• In need of additional input or feedback from the Technology Committee

The Technology Committee acts in an advisory role to help the Dean make acquisition decisions. The Dean is responsible for final decisions.


To initiate a technology request, the requestor completes the web-based Technology Acquisition Request form. On the form the requestor indicates whether it should be submitted directly to the Dean or to the Technology Committee.

When requests are made directly to the Dean, the request must be fully specified, providing complete ordering information and a brief rationale. The Dean may approve the request or refer it to the Technology Committee. If the request is approved, the requester must coordinate with the Administrative Assistant for Business Functions to place the order.

When requests are made or referred to the Technology Committee, the chair will put the request on the agenda for an upcoming committee meeting, as soon as is practical. The committee will discuss the request and may invite the requestor to join the discussion. The committee may request additional information or conduct research to determine how the request addresses School needs, budget, etc. For technology needed for LIS courses, other faculty may be polled to determine how widely the technology would be used.

When a request is approved by the committee, the chair will forward the approval to the Dean. The requestor (or an appropriate designee of the committee) will coordinate with the Dean for her approval, and then with the Administrative Assistant for Business Functions to place the order.

Technology will be evaluated based principally on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the curriculum
  • Relevance to the LIS field and profession
  • Cost
  • Reputation of the product/vendor
  • Reviews of the technology, if available
  • Extent of training required to use the technology

You may submit the form online by clicking here: Technology Recommendation Form