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The 2014 annual competition for the Howard and Mathilde Rovelstad Scholarship is closed. See for the announcement of this year's Rovelstad Scholars. The 2015 competition will be announced in spring 2015.


Students who have completed three courses in the LIS Master’s in Library and Information Science program by the end of the spring semester of 2014 are eligible to apply.

Students who have received other scholarships and forms of financial aid, such as tuition reduction benefits, CUA university scholarships, Provost scholarships, or Federal scholarships are not eligible to apply. (Note: Recipients of small, one-time awards in the range of $500-$2000 may be eligible. If you have received this type of award and have questions about your eligibility, please contact the Committee Chair.)

Application Documents (four in total)

  1. A statement of achievements, career interests and goals. The statement must be no more than 750 words.
  2. A detailed resume. Applicants are encouraged to include volunteer activities, association memberships, attendance at professional conferences and workshops, and similar activities.
  3. Contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses) of two references that are willing to write letters of recommendation for the applicant. At least one of the references must be a full-time or part-time SLIS faculty member. The Rovelstad Scholarship Committee will request letters of recommendation from references of those candidates selected for interviews.
  4. A financial aid release agreement form.

Documents 1-3 should be sent via email to David Shumaker, Clinical Associate Professor, at

Document 4 may be sent via U.S. mail, hand-delivered, or sent as a PDF email attachment. The mailing address is:

David Shumaker, Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Library and Information Science
Suite 314 Columbus School of Law
Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C. 20064

All application documents must be received by the close of business on Monday, May 12, 2014.

Evaluation Criteria and Process

  • The Committee will base its decision on evaluation of the following:
  • Academic achievement in the SLIS program.
  • Commitment to the field as evidenced in course work, personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation.
  • Potential for success as evidenced in all application documents, including letters of recommendation.
  • Faculty assessment: The entire SLIS full-time faculty will provide input to assist the Rovelstad Scholarship Committee in evaluating applicants.
  • Interviews: The Rovelstad Scholarship Committee will interview a small number of finalists before selecting the scholarship recipient. Interviews will be conducted on Monday, June 2 and Friday, June 6. Applicants selected for interviews are expected to be available on those days for an interview on the CUA campus.


May 12: Deadline for submission of applications – all four documents must be received

May 27-30: Notification of candidates selected for interviews

June 2 and June 6: Interviews

Announcement of the winner is scheduled to take place during the month of July

Contact for Questions

Please email any questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair, David Shumaker, at