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Tuition and Financial Aid

Disclaimer: This page contains general information. Certain conditions may apply. Students who are interested in scholarships and tuition discounts are advised to consult with the office to confirm eligibility and details. Students must maintain satisfactory progress towards their degrees, to be eligible for continued tuittion support. Students who receive a scholarship or a special tuition rate are not eligible for any other discounted tuition rate from the University.

Tuition and Fees

For the current Tuition & Fees Schedule, including on-campus and off-campus rates, please visit the Enrollment Services.

Provost Scholarships

Provost Scholarships go to promising incoming students, and generally cover 25% of part-time tuition and 50% of full-time tuition. There is no need to apply for a Provost Scholarship, though to be eligible, Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores must be submitted regardless of whether the student needs them for admission to the school. Students who receive a Provost Scholarship are not eligible for any other discounted tuition rate from the University.

School Library Media special tuition rate (part-time)

Incoming students who pursue the School Library Media course of study will be given financial support from the University comprising 50% of part time tuition. Eligibility for this tuition rate is contingent upon the following:

  • Students identify themselves upon application as intending to follow the School Library Media course of study.
  • Students may not switch to another course of study after beginning the program.
  • Students must have entered the program in Fall 2012 or later. Students who began the program prior to Fall 2012 are not eligible for the discount.
  • Students must be registered for part-time study. The tuition discount will not be applied to full-time study.
  • Student may not receive any other tuition discount from the University (i.e. Provost scholarships, Discounted tuition through an employer).

Special Tuition Rates for employees of local government and educational institutions

Reduced tuition may be available through your employer. Please see Special Tuition Rates to see if you employer has an agreement with the school entitling its employees to discounted tuition.

University Financial Aid

Students should apply directly to the University Office of Graduate Financial Aid for loans to fund their education and for any need-based financial aid administered by the University (for example, the campus work study program) for which they might qualify. All documents intended to satisfy requirements for such financial aid should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Financial Aid.

Graduate Library Pre-Professional (GLP) Program

The Graduate Library Pre-Professional Program, administered by The Catholic University of America Libraries with the cooperation of the Department of Library and Information Science, provides selected students in the Library and Information Science program with pre-professional work experience in the University libraries. The GLP Program allows students to complete their degree requirements within a two-year period and combines full-time, salaried work with part-time study. Participants receive the Graduate Library Pre-Professional Scholarship, which provides six credit hours of tuition per semester. The GLP program is administered by the Mullen Library (202-319-5055). More details and information on how to apply are posted on their website at their Graduate Library Preprofessional (GLP) Program web page.

Columbus School of Law GLP Program

The law library is accepting applications for a newly-created (10/2014) Graduate Library Preprofessional position of Digital Services Assistant (GLP).  This is roughly equivalent to Mullen’s electronic services assistant (GLP), but also involves some traditional technical services work (~30%-40%). Library experience is not required, nor is an interest in law librarianship, though either might be a plus.

The program is accepting applications from both incoming students for Spring and current students with no more than 12 credits earned through the Fall Semester. The position is available immediately and until filled.While the Mullen Library only accepts applications after admission, the law library invites GLP applications from prospective students while their application for admission is pending, and from those given probationary admission. More details and information on how/when to apply are posted on their website at the Graduate Law Library Preprofessional (GLP) Program web page.

Howard and Matilde Rovelstad Scholarship

The Howard and Matilde Rovelstad scholarship is offered to students who are already enrolled in LIS who have demonstrated exceptional qualities. For more information about the Rovelstad scholarship.

Third Party Financial Aid

Many third-parties offer financial aid for library students. The American Library Association, in addition to its own scholarship program (ALA Scholarship Program), keeps an annual directory of awards from state library agencies, national and state library associations, local libraries, academic institutions, and foundations who give some form of financial assistance.

Federal Student Loans

If you will require student loans to finance your education, Catholic University encourages students to look first to federal loan programs. These loans will nearly always offer better terms and conditions and lower interest rates than loans obtained directly through a bank.

Note that to apply for a federal student loan, you must complete a

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for help in applying for these loans at 202-319-5307 or