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Faculty and Adjunct Professors
Getting Started


Contracts for adjunct faculty are prepared by LIS, signed by the Chair and the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and sent to the Office of the Provost for approval. In an effort to save time and paper, you may sign your scan of the e-mailed contract and return to us via e-mail. No longer may we sign as your proxy.

All new instructors must come to campus in person to complete the I-9 form and payroll forms. Any instructor who has not taught in the last year must redo the I-9 form.

After you have signed the contract, keep the copy marked appointee and return the other copies to the Office of the Provost (103 McMahon Hall) or the Office of Summer Sessions (330 Pangborn).  Once the signed contract is on file, we will send you your ID number so you may call Technology Services to activate your account, giving you access to Cardinal Station, Blackboard, library databases and other campus privileges.

ID card
Once you have been entered into the CUA system, you will be eligible for a Cardinal Card, an official CUA photo identification card which can be programmed to give you after-hours access to the law school building, where LIS offices are located. Cardinal Cards are issued at  the Office of Public Safety (202 319 5111), 120 Leahy Hall, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. You will be asked to provide a photo ID such as a driver's license when getting your card.  

You may complete or change your W2 & W4 forms either in person at CUA Payroll Office in Leahy Hall; or you may download the forms and send the completed forms via e-mail to Employee Self-Service in Cardinal Station is also an option for updating W2 info.

Please choose direct deposit to save trees and postage and to enjoy the convenience of having your salary automatically deposited into your account of choice. Elect or change direct deposit at any time by clicking on "Employee Self-Service" in Cardinal Faculty & Staff or complete the direct deposit form and send via email to or via fax 202-319-6440.

Library privileges

In order to check books out of the CUA and WRLC libraries and access library databases from off campus, you will need to activate your CUA library privileges. You can do this by bringing your Cardinal Card to the circulation desk in Mullen library to be activated. You will use your ID card as your library card and you will use your CUA ID number which is printed on your card to log on to library databases.  


You must display a valid parking permit on your vehicle to park anywhere on the CUA campus other than parking meters. Permits can be purchased at the Office of Public Safety, 120 Leahy Hall. You must have a valid CUA ID to purchase a permit. Faculty are permitted to park in Faculty/Staff and general parking spaces only. Faculty who park in spaces reserved for residential students will be ticketed. 

Adjunct Google group

LIS maintains a listserv for adjunct faculty members. Its purpose is to provide adjunct faculty members a forum to discuss common issues. You can join the Google group with your CatholicU email, by going to Google Groups and searching for SLIS-ADJUNCTS. If you have any questions contact LIS.

Getting access to CatholicU Email, Network, Blackboard, and Cardinal Station

Your CUA network login will give you access to computers on campus, your CUA email account, Cardinal Station and your faculty home page. Blackboard is the Learning Management System that you will use to interact with your students online during the course (provide access to course materials, conduct discussion forums, receive completed assignments, etc.). Cardinal Station is CUA's personnel and data management system where you will be able to view your official class roster and where you will submit your grades when the course is finished.

You will need to call the Technology Services (202-319-4357) to get your login for Cardinal Station as well as for your CUA network login. Your Blackboard login is the same as your network login. 

LIS Directory

Please provide correct contact information for the faculty and staff directory on the LIS website. Contact LIS to have your contact information included or updated if it has changed.

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