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Timeline - refer to Academic Calendar

Last class session Distribute Course Evaluations or, if online, alert students to complete
See Academic Calendar Submit Grades for graduating students via Cardinal Students
See Academic Calendar Submit Grades for continuing students via Cardinal Students


Grading must comply with the Academic Graduate Grades and Grade Report policy set by the university. If you have any questions about the grading procedures, please contact us at (202) 319-5085 or

Submitting Grades

Grades must be submitted by the last week of term. The deadline for submitting grades for graduating students is generally a day before all other students.

Summer grades are due 48 hours after the last class.

Grades are submitted through Cardinal Students, and instructions for entering grades are available in PDF here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  

If it's been awhile since you've logged onto Cardinal Students and you need to reset your password:


Because students in our program must pass a comprehensive examination in order to earn their degree, the exam-taking experience is an important part of their graduate study. In light of this, faculty are encouraged to give in-class, essay-type exams where appropriate. 

Course Evaluations 

Towards the end of the term you will be given the option of distributing paper course evaluations in class or having the university send your students a link to an online evaluation via email.

If you select paper, you will receive a packet of Course evaluations before the last day of class. You may step away for a few moments to give your students time to complete the anonymous evaluations. You will need one student volunteer to collect the sheets, put them in the envelope and deposit the packet in the Class Evaluation Mailbox located near the Leahy Computer lab.

If you opt for online course evaluations, the process is automatic. The Office of Financial Planning, Institutional Research and Assessment will ensure that an automated email will be sent to each student on your class roster with a link to the online evaluation. The last week of classes students will receive one email that will include links to all classes for which an online evaluation is available. Those students who have not responded will continue to receive reminders for 3 weeks, at which time the evaluation will close. Do remind your students to complete the evaluation. And, if your class is OWL or blended, remind the students that a separate OWL or blended survey will be sent to them as well. For your last class, if your students have a device connected to the Internet, you may step away to allow them a few moments to complete the evaluation online.

Course Evaluation Reports

Evaluations are used to evaluate the instructor's qualifications for promotion, reappointment or continuous employment as well as to adjust curriculum and course assignments. Any member of the university community - students, instructors, staff -- may access the course evaluation reports. These reports do not include student comments in response to open-ended questions (those comments are shared only with the individual instructor and the administration)

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