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"Memories and thanks"
? Abraham Lebowitz (1966)

Despite the years I have vivid memories of library school. Father Bernard was always amusing, Father K. helpful (he even wrote a letter for me many years later when I was working in Rome to the Director of the Vatican library). Frank Witty, my thesis supervisor, always fascinating and a delightful dinner guest. Despite being a classicist, he put up with my thesis being half computer programs. I thank SLIS for its major contribution to my success in the field as Deputy Director of NAL, university library director and director of a major UN information system.

? ronnie (2001)

Many congratulations to the SLIS. I have wonderful memories of my experience at the SLIS and especially, of the superb faculty. Each one of them was a true scholar and significantly effected my role as a student and my future as a librarian. I am very proud to be an alumna of the SLIS.

? Jenna (2005)
Submitted 3/5/12

Love this school. I miss everything here.

"Happy Days!"
? Peggy Sullivan (1953)
Dean and Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University, and Library Consultant

Glad to read other people's memories of Catholic University's library education program which I entered in 1950 and where I earned an MS in LS degree in 1953. As noted, Father Kortendick was a dynamic, caring leader of the program, and I was thrilled when he offered me my first opportunity to teach part-time a few years later. That led me to earn a Ph.D. and prepare myself for a career in library education and library and association management. Incidentally, in the 1980s, three of us Catholic U/LIS alumni -- Betty Stone, Pat Berger, and I -- became presidents of the American Library Association -- still the only three from Catholic U., I believe.

? James

Loved it

"Library Science"
? Barbara Fontana (1975)
Retired Federal government librarian

Many congratulations to the SLIS. I have wonderful memories of my experience at the SLIS and especially, of the superb faculty. Each one of them was a true scholar and significantly effected my role as a student and my future as a librarian. I am very proud to be an alumna of the SLIS.

? Kathern J. Miraglia (1968)
Acquisitions Lib. Mullen Lib. CUA

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to study with Father Kortendick, Dr. Stone, Dr. Witty, Dr. Rovelstad, and Father Theall--and it was right here on the Third Floor of Mullen Library. It was an exciting, busy and wonderful time for me--including working on the Alumni Board as President after I graduated, and, also, various fund raisers. I have many wonderful memories of that time, and I'm still collecting new ones. Best Wishes. KJM p.s. I'M going to send another photo--you select which you prefer.

"The quality, humanist approach to libraries and information"
? John Danneker (2009)
Director, Eckles Library of the George Washington University; and SLIS Alumni Board member, 2009-'12

Although just a few years removed from my degree and still active with SLIS, I will always recall the amazing people that brought me to complete my MSLS studies here. From the time that I seriously began considering CUA, the professors' and staffs' personal approach to library studies, focusing always on the user experience, was a trademark of the program; and that stood in great contrast to several other programs I had considered, which (I felt) sacrificed the person for the gadgetry. Amongst the many challenging courses I enjoyed, the opportunity to pursue advanced coursework in intellectual property, library leadership and management, and marketing have proven critical to my success and will inform my entire career. By focusing widely on an information-rich world and encouraging thoughtful, ethical decision-making, these courses built amazingly well on the cores. And the personalities of both the faculty and guests in these classes, as well as my amazing classmates, kept me engaged. Congrats to everyone who currently is at SLIS or who came up through the program, a School with a quality, humanist approach to libraries and information!

"Concentric circles - Discovery"
? Liz McLean

I'm working to complete my program here at SLIS and feel so fortunate to be here at this time of community, celebration and recognition of the school, its faculty and the positive achievements that graduates have had LIS settings of every kind and place. A little side story..I'd been in the program for a semester or two when I learned how much CUA's library had everything to do with my being here today. Two summer school students fresh out of other undergrad programs elsewhere were brought together at a local party by happenstance. The young man was completely smitten with the young woman, but came away from the party only with the knowledge that she was a teacher and that she was taking a class at CUA's library that let out at 2pm (he did manage to get her first name). Realizing he would need to find her in person to get any further along, he showed up at the library steps and heard the bells chime for 2pm. Person after person poured out of the library, but no one was his girl. After agonizing minutes passed, she appeared and the connection was made. They married in the course of the year and here I am, a lifetime later, happy for my parents who celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and especially appreciative for the Library as matchmaker and anchor for my path.

"Preparing us for the 21st century"
? Caryn Wesner-Early (1989)
Database searcher

Back in 1986-89, when I was at CUA, no one but a few scientists and other academics had ever heard of the Internet. Most university libraries had put their catalogs on computers, and DIALOG and Lexis were well known. The faculty of CUA knew that computers were going to be of increasing importance to libraries, but no one knew exactly how. I took a DIALOG searching class and one about how computer networks are structured; beyond that, there wasn't really much of a concrete nature they could offer. But throughout almost every class I took was the realization that I was going to be going far beyond this, in some direction, during my career, and my professors imbued their courses with enthusiasm and a determination to further libraries and the profession, whatever happened. I came out ready to embrace the Internet, then mobile computing, social networks, and whatever else comes, with a kind of flexible enthusiasm that has stood me in good stead for over 20 years.

? Cristina D. Ramirez (2005)
Collection Librarian for Social & Behavioral Sciences/Assistant Professor

My coursework, experiences, internship, and colleagues at Catholic University of America's SLIS have opened doors for me, given me a strong foundation, and created a strong desire to serve others. I am very proud to be a part of the tradition and link in the chain. Today I am a faculty academic librarian at VCU and an adjunct faculty member of CUA SLIS. I have served on ALA Council and in other various national level committees within ALA. I serve as Co-Chair of the Virginia Library Association Multicultural Forum and have presented my research at various conferences. Currently, I am furthering my education and passion for lifelong learning by working towards a Ph.D. in Education. CUA SLIS have given me the foundation to build a strong academic career and passion for reaching out to and educating underserved populations.

"Congrats on 100 yrs!"
? Jean S. Lee (1992)
Senior library asst.

I still remember my first encounter w/CUA and applying to library school. The first person I contacted was Dr. Roggenbuck. She was very helpful from the very beginning of the application process and supported me with my many questions/concerns I had about library school. I was blessed to have Dr. Marcum as the dean at the time and to learn under brilliant faculty such as Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Trudy Bellardo, Deirdre Stam and Jean Preer. The SLIS students and alumni are very supportive of one another and are willing to network. I enjoyed my time in library school. The faculty are truly "top brass"! Thanks to all the SLIS faculty who supported me during my time at CUA.

? Rev. Joseph P. Browne, CSC (1965)
Retired Library Director, University of Portland

My MLS degree from the Catholic University opened for me many doors in librarianship, which in turn led me to the office of president of the Oregon Library Association, the Pacific-Northwest Library Association, and the national Catholic Library Association. Fr. Kortendick's encouragement and guidance were for me an inspiration and an example! Ad multos annos!!!

? Dan O'Connor
Rutgers University LIS

Catholic is one of the oldest, established SLIS programs in North America. Its faculty have been recognized as leaders in our field and its alumni have a reputation as enthusiastic and competent professionals. Your continuing education program has an international reputation and you are to be especially congratulated on your centennial celebration for your sustained and incredible commitment to librarianship.

? Jessica Spencer gallucci (1998)

Thanks for encouraging me to complete the MLS degree after I completed the requirements for the information resource management certificate hosted by GSA.

"Library Science"
? Anne deFuria (1978)
Head of Reference

I remember my very first day at CUA, walking into my advisor's office. Dr. Witty and his friend, Father ? (cooked, had a radio show, taught reference) were sharing a sherry, waiting for their advisees to show up. Wow, I thought, this is nothing like being an undergraduate. Dr. Witty would tell me funny stories.